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The Rich Bastard's Guide to Los Angeles




"Although there are now almost as many trainers as there are screenwriters in LA, the following four are widely respected for their talents."


"William Thompson... A savvy alternative is William Thompson a personal fitness coach... who will happily work-out with a client anywhere. If William isn't busy helping buff-up Val Kilmer for a movie set in New Mexico, or toning Rosie Perez and Leeza Gibbons, he is an ideal choice. Although charming and down-to-earth, William is happy to "kick the butt" of even the most obstinately lazy of RBs, molding them into well-oiled muscle machines."

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More Muscle Without Pain


"Take William Thompson, who trains celebrities, professional athletes and regular Joes like you. His years of experience have made it very clear... Thompson's got the game to back up his smack. A certified Medical Exercise Specialist... he was the Personal Trainer who helped... Dave Winfield come from a debilitating injury and lead the Toronto Blue Jays to the... World Series title."

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If that hurts... do this


Alternate Exercises to Work Around Aches and Pains 

"Having alternative exercises can keep you from letting pain interfere with your strength-building progress," explains Will Thompson a certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Trainer at Paramount Pictures Studio Gym in Hollywood, California.


Thompson has helped hundreds of athletes, celebrities, and everyday people exercise around their injuries. "Being injured doesn't have to mean avoiding exercise," says Thompson. It means knowing how to stress your muscles without stressing the injured areas."


The following exercises do just that, offering a powerful option to the favorites that helped transform your physique in the first place. Even if you don't currently suffer from any nagging aches or injuries, changing exercise every four weeks is a proven way to keep your routine fresh and result producing.**


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