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Hailed by GQ as “the most sought after DJ in the world”


"Feeling monsterish after a strength training session with @protrainerla" (as seen on Instagram)


"I have trained with Will Thompson on and off for 15 years to better my strength training and overall fitness. Will is a disciplined and greatly knowledgeable trainer. He not only keeps me motivated and pushes me to achieve my goals but does not rush, overdue or allow me to put myself in danger with bad form dangerous exercises or over exertion. 


I highly recommend Will Thompson as anyone's trainer from aerobic and cosmetic fitness to athletes and competition weight training to track & field boxing and nutrition."

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Survivor's Remorse, Independence Day: Resurgence






The actor packed on 20 pounds** of muscle to play a basketball phenom in STARZ's new comedy.


Jessie Usher scored the leading role in STARZ's new LeBron James-produced basketball comedy, Survivor’s Remorse, because he could play the big personality of a young NBA star. But at a scrawny 6’1”, 150 pounds when he landed the part, Usher didn’t exactly look like he could drive in the lane against the league’s best...


Men’s Fitness: When were you first told you had to gain 20 pounds for the role and what was your reaction?


Jessie Usher: They called me literally seven weeks before the first day we were supposed to film and they asked me, “Would you be willing to gain some weight for this role?” And I was like, “Heck yeah; I’m down to do whatever it takes.” Then they set me up with a PRO TRAINER. His name is WILLIAM THOMPSON and he’s a really good weight gain coach. So I linked up with him the next day, actually that next morning...


MF: What came out of the bulking process that you weren’t expecting?


JU: After I gained the 20 pounds,** I wasn’t expecting my shoulders to bulk up the way they did. They got huge before anything. That was kind of strange. I’ve always had little stick legs, so then when muscles would change and I would see my calves growing out from the side – that to me was a little weird. I would stare at my legs for like ten minutes at a time. 

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Creator & Executive Producer of "Survivor's Remorse", Emmy Nominated Actor on "Glee"


Will Thompson is easily one of the best personal trainers in Los Angeles. His superior knowledge of how to train correctly coupled with his grasp of nutrition makes Will the kind of all-inclusive personal trainer who has literally changed my life for the better. His patience, his flexibility in scheduling, his availability to answer questions off the clock and his deep sense of caring for all of his clients puts Will in a class all by himself. 

I’ve lost 35 lbs** since I began working with Will and throughout that time Will has thoughtfully guided me through a disciplined regime that thankfully has never been punitive, antagonistic or laced with an admonishing stare. He is an advocate for personal motivation and well being. And he is one of the most thoughtful and understanding guys I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I’ve trained with him for ten years and I will train with him for as long as my aging bones hold up... 

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MLB Hall of Fame, 12-Time All-Star, World Series Champion and 3,000 Hits Club!


"...I began working with Mr. William Thompson... to ensure I’d have a productive season with the Toronto Blue Jays. After A few months of working with him and adhering to his dietary and nutritional advice,I believe that in no small way attributed to a strong award winning season** for me and a World Series Championship** for my team.


I saw the benefits of our work on the field daily, and as the season progressed I continued to perform at a very high level... He certainly knows the science of general fitness and athletic training. He demonstrates that ability along with a positive personality that enables him to work with a wide variety of physical and athletic types. I personally would work with William Thompson again and would recommend him to others in my field."


Dave Winfield
Captain of Toronto Blue Jays
'92 World Series Champions

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Oscar, Screen Actors Guild Award & Golden Globe Award winning Actor


I have been working with Will Thompson as my Personal Trainer and have learned several things: 

1) The Guy knows what he is talking about in ALL areas of personal training; cardio,weight training, nutrition, motivation, ect.

2) He imparts that knowledeg with no nonsense and yet a sense of humor.

3) It is possible for me to be in the best shape of my life at age 50.

4) Training can be challenging and enjoyable at the same time.

5) It need not be monotonous.

6) Living a healthy, fit life beats the Hell out of the alternative(s). 

I... heartily recommend him to anyone at any stage of life and/or fitness. 

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2-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist 100m, and Adidas Pro-Athlete


" a Two-time Olympian, and Adidas International Pro-Athlete currently ranked 12th fastest woman in 100m in the world, I highly recommend William Thompson whom I believe to be a great Medical Exercise Specialist and personal fitness trainer. As a World Class Athlete I have worked with many Coaches and Trainers and find William to be very knowledgeable and helpful addition to my training resources.


After sustaining a back injury in a bad car accident... I worked with Will to stay in shape while recovering. During the time that I have worked with Will, his Medical Expertise was demonstrated daily. Due to my back injury it was very difficult for me to do abdominal and other exercises. However, I worked together with Will and thankfully he provided alternative exercises and stretches that did not irritate my back and helped to strengthen my back while minimizing my pain. This also allowed me to reap the same benefits as my original workout methods I used prior to my accident.


I continue to use Will as my Personal Fitness Consultant / Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist and recommend him to anyone who is looking to excel in any form of physical training."** 

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Winner of 5 Gold Medals, Ecuador Nationals in Swimming


World-class performance is virtually impossible to achieve without the correct guidance, support, and instruction of a world-class trainer. As an international swimmer for the last 4 years, I can without a doubt say that William Thompson possesses a knowledge of physical fitness at an equal to, if not greater than every top tier trainer I have worked with. I realized this after training with Coach Will for the Nationals in Ecuador where I won 5 Gold Medals!**


The qualities of an elite trainer include discipline, motivation, promptness, and of course true knowledge of exercise science, all attributes that my "dryland" coach William Thompson holds. In swimming, along with every other sport, correct technique and form are essential in order to excel in your sport. Coach Will employs this principle to his physical fitness training regime. In other words, his experience and knowledge allows you to reach your goal precisely and effectively.


My training with Coach Will has allowed me to reach Olympic trial cuts in the 100m and 200m backstroke, and my journey to the 2012 London Olympics will continue to include him into my daily training. His scientific knowledge behind training is invaluable, which is why I highly recommend William Thompson to any athlete or individual who is seeking to improve his/her body and athletic performance the RIGHT way.**

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Actress "24"


"Will Thompson has been my Personal Trainer for the past three years and will continue to manage my exercise and fitness regime for the foreseeable future.


Not only is he a highly respected professional in the field of sports and fitness but he is well mannered, punctual, reliable and a pleasure to work with. He also manages to be tough, but not unbearably so and sticks to a schedule whilst keeping it mixed up and interesting.


I would not hesitate to recommend Will to anyone seeking his services."** 

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Janes Addiction & The Red Hot Chili Peppers


"I have trained and worked with Will Thompson for a period of 6 years. I highly recommend Will To anyone seeking a highly motivated and knowledgeable execise specialist.


During the period that Will and I have worked together I have been amazed by his boundless knowledge of kinesiology and his natural ability to assess my body's needs. His knowledge and personal training have sculpted my body in to something that I had previously thought impossible."**

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Emmy Award Winning TV Journalist, Host & Producer


William Thompson has been my Personal Trainer for the past year. His knowledge, professionalism and personality has been a welcome addition to our daily exercise regimen. He has always been prompt energetic and accommodating to our hectic schedules.


I highly recommend him as a fitness expert who gets results!"** 

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3-time Grammy Award-Winning Musician & CEO Marsalis Music Record Label


"I Began working with William. After an extended layoff from exercise, initiating a training program was challenging. Having a problematic lower-back, rotator-cuff and knee surgeries added to the awkardness of basic execises. William's patience, knowledg and experience made it possible for us to develop a program to overcome my limitations. Additionally, I made an increase in my weight of twenty pounds while reducing my body fat from 15 to 7 percent.** All of these results were accomplished in my first six months of training.**


I continue to work with William because of his supportive and professional approach to nutrition and training for fitness, aesthetics, athletics and rehabilitation.


I would highly recommend William to any person or company interested in the extraordinary abilities he possesses." 

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'N Sync (record holders of highest first week Album sales in Music History.- 2.4 mil)


"I had gone through 2 Trainers before I met Will Thompson. His knowledge and ability to read me and the needs of my body are what started my body to react positively. I am noticeably in better shape than I have ever been before. I feel stronger than I ever have and I’m happier than I have ever been with my body.


My results achieved from training with Will allow me to be an even better performer that exudes confidence. He is a strong motivator and he also helps you understand what all the hard work is doing while you’re doing it. His flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of my hectic schedule makes it easier to find time to workout. He has with out a doubt improved my quality of life and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to make a positive change to themselves."** 

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Bassist for: Miles Davis, STING and The Rolling Stones

Growing up in the age of Muhammed Ali, boxing has been of keen interest to me since I was young. The combination of determination, conditioning, and chess-like strategy is something I’ve always admired.


It was only after I moved to Southern California that I began exploring some of the drills and exercises used in boxing training to get into shape. The first thing I noticed about training with Coach Will is his comprehensive expertise in the area of fitness. He is aware of the tried and true methods and he’s also completely versed on the new,cutting edge advancements in the fitness field.


He’s very attentive to developing proper technique. He watches everything I’m doing very carefully and makes corrections to improper form immediately. At the same time, he’s conscientious about preventing injury which has been a major cause of setbacks to achieving my fitness goals.


Whether you desire is to lose weight, gain weight or to get into the best shape of your life, Will is the Coach to help you get there. Whether you’re a professional athlete or more of a weekend warrior who just wants to step up your game, Will can help you achieve your goals.



Emmy Nominated Host & Producer Last Comic Standing, Actor & Comedian


"I have had the pleasure and privilege of training with Will Thompson. What began as an act of machismo in wanting to look good with my shirt off in a movie, transformed into a life lesson and a daily motivation to always be at my healthiest. Will Thompson worked with me for my roles in; Picture Perfect, Suicide Kings, Go, my production of Mohr Sports. With his knowledge of physical fitness and direction, I have reached and maintained a physique of six percent body fat.**


Always positive, Mr. Thompson achieved maximum results out of me while educating me on my muscular structure and its workings. With his guidance, my diet is now a matter of routine. I can give no better gift to anyone than to recommend Will Thompson as a Personal Trainer. He is truly the greatest at what he does." 

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Choreographer & Dancer

I have worked with Will (since January 2005) and would recommend him to anyone who is ready to change their life in the most positive way possible. Not only is Will the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever met he understand how to translate that knowledge into results.


As a choreographer and dancer my body is my job. Will rehabilitated me after a devastating knee surgery that could have ended my career. Not only did he completely strengthen and rehabilitate my knee, but I have never been in better shape physically. I consider Will part of my daily routine to fitness, well being and success!



President of The American Academy of Health, Fitness & Rehabilitation Professionals


I personally administered Mr. Thompson's practical examination for his Medical Exercise Specialist certification. I am pleased to say his execution of the exam was errorless and detailed without hesitation.


Mr. Thompson's academic understanding combined with his wealth of personal experience makes him a valuable addition to any Physical Rehabilitation or Chiropractic program. Because of this I have personally suggested to William that he seriously consider pursuing a career in the medical arena.


I highly recommend Mr. Thompson to any person, colleague or medical institution.** 

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Director & Head Coach of Keep It Real Boxing Club


To whom it may concern:


This letter is to verify that William Thompson has been a Boxing and Fitness Coach with the Keep It Real Boxing Club for youth in Hollywood since June 2009.


Pro Trainer Will has demonstrated his commitment to fundamentals, technique and overall fitness. His extensive knowledge base is an asset to our program as well as his consistency in showing up as a mentor and role model for the young men and women we serve.


I can recommend Pro Trainer Will with complete confidence and sincerity. He will be a good addition to any boxing program or as a physical trainer in any gym.**

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**Disclaimer: Testimonials on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Personal results may vary. 

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